The Oceanography Minor at UC Davis

College of Letters and Science

Oceanography is the study of the earth's oceans, investigating connections between geological, biological, chemical and physical processes in the marine realm, and the interactions between the Earth's ocean/atmosphere system. The interdisciplinary minor in oceanography is for students with backgrounds in any of these fields, as well as those interested in marine policy and conservation. The curriculum reflects the integrative nature of oceanography, with core courses covering the major disciplines in oceanography and elective courses that allow students to cater the minor to their interests. The oceanography minor includes courses taught at the University of California, Davis, campus and courses offered at Bodega Marine Laboratory.

The minor is sponsored by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2119 Earth and Physical Sciences Building.

image: A cnidarian brought up from the seafloor over 2000 meters deep; Beaufort Sea, North of Point Barrow, Alaska. Hidden Ocean 2005 Expedition: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration.