Oceanography courses

NASA satellite imagery 

GEL 150A: Physical and Chemical Oceanography
Physical and chemical properties of seawater, fluid dynamics, air-sea interaction, currents, waves, tides, mixing, and major oceanic geochemical cycles.


Map of continents and ridges 

GEL 150B: Geological Oceanography
Introduction to the origin and geologic evolution of ocean basins. Composition and structure of oceanic crust; marine volcanism; and deposition of marine sediments. Interpretation of geologic history of the ocean floor in terms of sea-floor spreading theory.


School of fish 

GEL/ESP 150C: Biological Oceanography
Summer course at Bodega Marine Lab.
Ecology of major marine habitats, including intertidal, shelf benthic, deep-sea and plankton communities. Existing knowledge and contemporary issues in research. Segment devoted to human use.


NASA ER-2 false color infrared photograph of Tomales Bay, California 

ESP 152: Coastal Oceanography
Summer course at Bodega Marine Lab.
Oceanography of coastal waters. Focus is on transport patterns, how they are forced and what implications they have for ecological and environmental problems. Course has a west-coast bias, and will use field-based learning in addition to lectures and assignments.



Oceanography elective courses

group (a): Geology 116N/Environmental Science and Policy 116N, Atmospheric Science 158, Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology 120, 157, Environmental Toxicology 120, Evolution and Ecology 112, 115
group (b): Atmospheric Science 121A, 121B, Geology 108, 109, 152, Evolution and Ecology 106, 114, Environmental Science and Policy 124, Environmental Toxicology 127

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images courtesy (top to bottom): Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. STS092-722-84;NASA satellite imagery; National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA Satellite and Information Service); United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization; NASA ER-2 false color infrared photograph of Tomales Bay, California; NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration: Katrin Iken, Hidden Ocean 2005 Expedition