The Oceanography Minor Program Requirements

College of Letters and Science; 22-24 units

Geology 150A/Environmental Science and Policy 150A 4
Geology 150B/Environmental Science and Policy 150B 3
Geology 150C/Environmental Science and Policy 150C 4
Environmental Science and Policy 152 3
An electives sequence, with one course from group (a) and one to two additional electives from either groups (a) or (b):

group (a):
Geology 116N/Environmental Science and Policy 116N
Atmospheric Science 158
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology 120
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology157
Environmental Toxicology 120
Evolution and Ecology 112
Evolution and Ecology 115

group (b):
Atmospheric Science 121A
Atmospheric Science 121B
Geology 108
Geology 109
Geology 152
Evolution and Ecology 106
Evolution and Ecology 114
Environmental Science and Policy 124
Environmental Toxicology 127


BML R/VNote: Courses Geology 150C/Environmental Science and Policy 150C, Environmental Science and Policy 124, 152, Environmental Toxicology 127, and Evolution and Ecology 106 and 114 are taught at Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Minor Advisor: Tessa Hill, 3115 Earth and Physical Sciences building, (530) 752-0179, tmhill "at"

photo: Mooring deployment near Southeast Farallon Island.The 42 foot research vessel Mussel Point is a unique solution to a complicated problem: how to get students and researchers up and down and off our rugged northern California coast with exceptional safety, comfort and economy. The 42-foot Mussel Point, a remarkably fast, stable and maneuverable vessel answers this need ideally.

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